Text: 10 reasons to try gouache over sunset gouache painting

10 Reasons to try Gouache

If you’ve seen some of the stunning gouache artwork floating round on Instagram right now, you have likely been inspired to try it out. If you are on the fence or looking for more reasons to give this great medium a go, then look no further!

No special equipment or space needed

You don’t need any fancy things to try out gouache. Just some paint, a brush, some paper and a mixing palette. So you also don’t need much space to store your supplies; maybe just a drawer. How lovely does that sound? A gouache drawer. As far as hobbies go, this one is Marie Kondo approved.

Very portable

If you want a hobby you can carry around with you, gouache is very portable. Slip your gouache kit into your bag for some plein air painting at a local park, or whilst you are waiting at your kids swim-meet.

Dries quickly

If you want to have a go at painting but just don’t know how you’ll find the time, you will be thrilled with how fast gouache dries. Even if you only have 10 minutes here and there, gouache is not going to make you wait while it dries.

Easy clean-up

Gouache may dry quickly, but clean-up is a breeze. Even if you had to put your brush down covered in paint….last week. It will clean right up with just water. You will never need to worry about being interrupted while you paint and ruining your supplies.

Perfect for journaling or sketchbooking

Gouache is a great choice for decorating a journal or for your sketchbook. Even thin papers will hold up fine to simple florals or decorations in your journal.

Mistake? What mistake?

If your are putting off painting because you’re worried about making mistakes, gouache is going to be your best friend. Something on the page you don’t like? Just. Paint. Over. It. Gouache will keep all your secrets.

Whatever your style

Whether you want to paint graphic art, dreamy landscapes or modern illustrations, gouache will work. Want proof? Just take a look at #gouache on Instagram for just about evry art style that you can imagine.

Try out ideas for acrylics

Maybe gouache is just not permanent enough for you. I get that. Sometimes you want to paint on canvas or wood and not have to worry about framing and glass. But gouache is great for trying out ideas before you commit to that big canvas. Try out your color combos and layout without worrying about acrylic paint drying on your brushes or palette.

Look at color a new way

Because gouache dries so flat, there is no trickery when it comes to how you see the colors. Time spent with gouache, observing and mixing colors will open up a whole new way of looking at color around you. You will notice purples in shadows and bright yellows in sun-dappled trees. These unexpected pops of contrast are so satisfying to notice and paint.

Self care

Do not underestimate the value of your own joy. Carving out time to paint can be a wonderful gift to yourself. Give yourself permission to create freely and experiment with gouache and take advantage of a friendly and nurturing art community online.