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    10 Top Tips for Painting with Gouache

    Its no secret that I love gouache. Everything from its velvety matte finish to its stubborn refusal to stay wet longer than a few seconds delights me. I want everyone to give this quirky medium a go and these are my top tips for those getting started.

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    What Kind of Paper for Gouache?

    Do you want to try gouache but are wondering if you need special paper to get great results? Most mediums have their own special requirements when it comes to paper, but gouache is about as easy going as it gets.

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    Snowy Gouache Landscape Walk-through

    I love sharing the time-lapse videos of the little gouache landscapes, but there's not a whole lot of meat to them if you are looking for information on how to go about painting a gouache landscape yourself. So I thought I would do a walk-through of sorts for my latest snowy gouache landscape, and hopefully share some tips for breaking down these sorts of small landscapes.

  • A cloudy landscape in gouache with the heading "Choosing a reference photo for gouache landscapes"

    Choosing a Reference Photo for Gouache Landscapes

    Working from a reference photo is a great way to practice capturing a landscape in gouache. You can work from the comfort of your home and take your time without worrying about changing light or moving subjects. To give yourself the best chance of success, there are a few things you might find helpful to look for in a suitable reference photo.

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    10 Reasons to try Gouache

    If you've seen some of the stunning gouache artwork floating round on Instagram right now, you have likely been inspired to try it out. If you are on the fence or looking for more reasons to give this great medium a go, then look no further!

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    What the heck is Gouache?

    Despite having been around for hundreds of years, just lately gouache is having a bit of a revival. But what is gouache? And why does everyone love it so much? Most importantly, should you try it?