Get going with gouache ebook cover

Get Going with Gouache eBook

If you are interested in gouache and want to know a bit about everything to do with this awesome medium, then Get Going with Gouache is perfect for you! This 39 page eBook is packed with juicy tips and solid theory covering a wide range of topics.

It is split into 3 sections:

  • Materials & Color,
  • Techniques
  • Tutorials

Materials & Color

Materials and color eBook pages from Get Going with Gouache instructional guide

The first half of this section is all about materials. It has a recommended kit for beginners on a budget and what supplies you can save on. It covers some of the differences that you can expect between cheaper vs more expensive gouache and which brush shapes work best for which projects.

Once you have genned up on materials, you can dive straight into the color section. If you don’t know much about color mixing, I’ve got you covered. We talk about the mixing wheel, pigments, hues, tones and shades and how to mix your own color wheel. If you already have some color knowledge, you can head straight to the color information specific to gouache, where we talk about matching colors and how to get that perfect consistency.


Gouache techniques eBook pages from Get Going with Gouache instructional guide

The techniques section covers some of the methods for working with gouache, including tips on layering, blending and lettering. Each of the 12 techniques listed has an example, and specific advice for how the technique was applied. Two of the examples are included as full length tutorials in section 3 of the eBook so you can really get stuck into some of the most popular techniques.


Gouache tutorial eBook pages from Get Going with Gouache instructional guide

These two tutorials are packed into 12 pages and between them contain most of the techniques mentioned in the eBook. They’re a great place to take your first steps with gouache.

The instructions are easy to follow and each step has a visual example for you to look at. If you enjoy the tutorials, at the end of each one I have included some ways to use the skills you have learned to make your own original artwork.

If you are ready to get started, you can find my eBook here in my Etsy store. Once you have checked out, you will have immediate access to the 3 PDFs to download. After you have purchased the eBook, you will be able to download any or all of the PDF’s as many times as you want, forever. They’ll be stored there in your Etsy account for you to access whenever you like.

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